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Find your next pet with Arboerals Etc... in Bedford, Indiana. We specialize in snake and reptile sales, and we have a staff full of passionate reptile lovers to help you with all of your needs.

Return Policy

While it is our goal to ensure the satisfaction of each customer, it is necessary that we employ a restrictive return policy. Before you buy, please ensure you understand the policy and how it affects you.

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Our Story

Arboreals Etc... in Bedford, Indiana, is a local reptile store that serves reptile lovers nationwide, providing the finest, healthiest lizards, snakes, and other captive-born and bred reptiles. Since 1990, our business has been going strong thanks to our high quality, healthy reptiles and the friendly service that you can only get from a family owned and operated business. We are passionate about the animals we sell and work hard to ensure you get the healthiest reptile to enjoy.

Contact us in Bedford, Indiana, to learn more about our local reptile store.